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Photo of Jimmy Curran

Name: Jimmy Curran

Grad Year: Fox School of Business '11

Founder of [dis]Able

Enables a Dialogue



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Jimmy Curran, age 26, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when he was 2 and has been in a wheelchair ever since. But his condition didn’t stop him from landing internships on Wall Street and Capitol Hill or from graduating with honors in finance. It didn’t keep him from a job as a research analyst at Independence Blue Cross, or from [dis]ABLE, the apparel brand he started in 2015.

It was the Fox School of Business that charged his entrepreneurial spirit.

With his college roommate and business partner Eddie Doyle ’10, he created and launched [dis]ABLE, a clothing brand that aims to “disable the limits” of those with disabilities and challenge stereotypes about them. Its logo is the word [dis]ABLE—with the “dis” crossed out—and its slogan is “For those who thought I couldn’t.”

Curran hopes [dis]ABLE will become a resource for books, documentaries and empowerment. In a world without Temple, the dialogue about disabilities might be missing his force and strength.

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